Pre Purchase Building and pest inspections

Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection reports detail structural building defects and timber pest activity / damage. Information which is a must to know prior to purchasing a property. All inspections are supplied with a comprehensive report including images which not only meet but exceed the requirements of Australian Standard AS4349.1 2007 for pre purchase inspections.learn more

New home building and construction inspections

Don’t leave the home of your dreams in the hands of potential tradies with a quick ‘in and out’ attitude. Structural and quality assurance inspections throughout the construction of your home will force the builder to make your home their No.1 Priority. learn more

Timber Pest Inspections (Termites and Borers)

Timber pests such as termites and borers are costing Australians over $100,000,000.00 a year in repair costs. Our timber pest inspections will not only advise on any active pest damage in your current or prospective home but will also advise on how to best protect your property going forward. learn more

Owner Builder 137B Reports

Selling a property with works completed as an owner builder? It is your legal obligation to include a 137B Report in the Sales Contract supplied to the purchases. Our office will inspect the works and supply a compliant report to allow the sale of your property. learn more