When purchasing a property there are two key types of inspections which should be carried out, they are a Building Inspection and a Timber Pest (termite) Inspection.

At Building Pest Inspection we offer our clients both these services.

Using the experienced and knowledge gained by our team and specialized equipment, the information is and has been for 1000’s of our client’s, 100% peace of mind.

What you get with a  Building and Pest Inspection:

  • Detailed and easy to read reports for each type of inspection emailed to you in the evening of the following business day.
  • Completely insured and qualified Inspectors.
  • All work and reports completed as per the Australian Standards AS4349.1 for pre purchase building inspections and AS4349.3 for timber pest inspections.
  • All accessible areas of the property are inspected including:
    • Interior
    • Exterior
    • Roof Void
    • Roof Exterior
    • Sub floor
    • Garages
    • Out Buildings
  • Inspections carried out all over Melbourne and outer suburbs.


The building inspection covers many areas of concern here are only a few:

  • Cracking to walls, what is the cause and how to rectify the problem.
  • Dipping or spring and bounce in floors, what is the cause, and how to rectify the problem.
  • Condition of timber or concrete stumps.
  • Timber roof structure inappropriate modifications, shrinkage and gapping in major member joins and any evident leaks.
  • The condition of the roof covers, whether tiled or color bond / iron.
  • Rotting timber in the external structure.
  • Site drainage.
  • Sub floor ventilation and clearance to sub floor structure.
  • Leaking wet areas, bath tubs, showers, toilet etc..

The drought conditions have effected a number of properties,  it is very easy for people to be mislead into believing that issues in properties are all drought related which will simply disappear once the rain falls. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Along with loads of other misleading information you may be fed during the pre purchase stages, you can be assured our 100% non-biased professional opinion will set you on the right track.

sample pre purchase building
inspection report