Get Professional Commercial and New Home Inspections in Melbourne from an Expert Team

If you are having a building erected in the area, our new building inspections in Melbourne will be able to bring you peace of mind. At Building Pest Inspection, we offer both commercial and new home inspections in Melbourne before you move in to ensure things are safe and up to Australian standards. New building inspections in Melbourne are commonly completed in sequence with the progress payments in your building contract, these are:

  • Slab / base stage.
  • Frame stage.
  • Lock up / pre plaster.
  • Fix Stage.
  • Hand over / Final inspection.

New Building Inspections in Melbourne Will Keep You Safe

The main objective during new building inspections in Melbourne is to report any structural issues which may arise from discrepancies between the work completed on site and the various standards requirements that are in place. Our new home inspections in Melbourne will be able to ensure your home is safe for your family and is sound in its structure. With time and effort, our new building inspections in Melbourne erase the worries that often come with a new home.

Before Moving in, Contact Us About New Home Inspections in Melbourne

Many things will happen when you choose Building Pest Inspection for new building inspections in Melbourne. For example, for our new home inspections in Melbourne, we look at the quality of workmanship completed by the trades during the major stages of construction. During our new building inspections in Melbourne, we will also check:

  • The slab surface quality of finish, which can affect the installation of floor coverings.
  • The brickwork installation.
  • Fascia and guttering.
  • The main framework of the property.
  • The installation methods and location of the plumbing pipes, electrical cabling and heating / cooling ductwork.
  • Plastering quality.
  • All trades quality of workmanship at all stages.
  • 5 star energy requirements.

All in accordance with the Victorian Building Commissions Standards and Tolerances, Building Regulations, Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards.
For new home inspections in Melbourne that will help keep your family safe, contact Building Pest Inspection.


Our independent inspection of the finish of your new home or development will ensure that you are getting exactly what you expect.

We help our clients clarify what is and isn’t acceptable and where they stand with any running disagreements with their builder.

Our reports are easy to read and include photos to help explain any areas which may be difficult to understand or explain in just words.

We find, from our client’s feedback, that our independent inspection reports give new home owners the confidence they need to settle with their builder, knowing that no-one has taken them for a ride.

We highly recommend that a final handover inspection be completed on all new homes.